Why clothes shopping almost ruined my day…


I hate shopping.

Shoe, grocery, and furniture shopping annoy me.
I do, however, like shopping for vegetables and fruits and hardware.

Today, though, I met my arch nemesis.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

It is the soul-crushing women’s clothing section.

OK, so that is probably an over-exaggeration but I feel like so many clothing designers are out to sabotage my sense of self and the ones who aren’t are out to sabotage my budget. I have taken to repeating the mantra “I am not what I wear” when I even see a shop sign now.
And vogue styles can be nonsensical or just plain hideous. What is with the leggings being worn as pants? Strange floral patterns everywhere? Och, my eyes.
I like flowers and floral patterns can be chic and elegant, but overcrowded patterns make me feel stressed.

Anyway, I think I might take up building my own clothes.

And why do I hate shopping? Because there are more exciting things to do. Like bake or sew, read or write. 2nd Hand Bookstores are a very notable exception, but I have banned myself until I read the 400+ books collecting dust in my library and spare room.