On thinking…


Ok, so it took me awhile to realize this.

Not everyone knows what I am thinking.

Please,  allow me to explain.

When I think, I am usually thinking in distinct and sometimes also intertwined layers. There is usually the metaphysical layer, then the metaphorical layer, then the background layer, then also the present layer. Often past and future are working as sublayers too, but sometimes they are layers distinct.

The background layer is the layer under present analysis. I often take it for granted d that other people have at least a similar thought about the things we see or share. In this layer, I have been steadily been partitioning more and more assume Co – experiential thoughts. But not so.

The mysterious Other is more separate to me and my experience. My thoughts are not their thought. Their thoughts are not mine. We are distinct. We are to each ‘the other’. Neither is the dream of the other.

Sorry White King, keep to your dreaming in Wonderland but your solipsistic sovereignty can never be.

This makes things like love, understanding, language, linguistics, and unity either truly remarkable or impossible without the right catalyst.


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