On laughing at birds with a baby…


Recently, I had the privilege of making a new friend. She is 3 months old today and likes music, dancing, laughing, and cuddles. She is fascinated by the sounds that magpies make and although the is not yet to the stage of laughing at them, she probably will one day. Why do I think this?

Because she has a good sense of humour already.

I have decided these facts are true of her. This brings me to another thought. I wonder how much of my new friend’s knowledge and experience of the world will be shaped by her relationships. Probably, quite a lot. After all, humans are social creatures.

How much of my knowledge and experience are shaped thus?

And yet, this is not bewildering to acknowledge. This does make relationships important. This makes investing in loving, truth – filled relationships very important. That is a little bit of a challenge.



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